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For Whom?

International shopping

Many products are offered considerably cheaper in Germany than in other countries, whereas other items cannot be found anywhere else at all. Yet, customers living abroad face the problem that most German webshops only deliver within the country and that therefore they cannot make use of their offers.
We offer a solution to this particular problem: At MyKrautbox you receive a free German shipping address. Let your purchases be sent to that address and we will then forward them to your home address. Simple. Fast. Reliable.
In order to avoid high shipping costs, we offer to consolidate multiple shipments into one package.

Expats and Globetrotters

You are staying abroad for a longer period of time and maybe not even permanently in the same place, but you would still like to have access to your mail from Germany? With MyKrautbox this is easily realized: You can let your mail, magazine subscriptions and other orders be sent to your personal address at MyKrautbox at any time. While you are travelling from one place to the next, we will store your shipments at our warehouse. You decide when you want to ship your items and we ship it to virtually any address worldwide.

Here, the Private tariff is particularly suitable for your needs, since its features are designed for regular shipments and automatic forwarding or scanning.

If you want quick access to your mail, we scan the items and send you an e-mail with the documents.


Small business owners

Would you like to offer your clients access to products that are exclusively available on the European market? We would like to support you.

With your german postal address at MyKrautbox you can buy from stores in Europe that do not offer international shipping and receive your items in your country. Furthermore, you have the option to use our consolidation service, in which several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together in order to avail better shipping rates.

~ We take care of the distribution of your goods in Germany ~

Packages that arrive at our warehouse can directly be forwarded to the end user. To avoid access to your sources of supply and purchase prices, we offer to remove the commercial invoice of the original shipment. We also offer you to take care of distributing your merchandise within Germany.

If you are planning to use our service regularly, we recommend using our tariff Professional, which enables you to benefit from low handling costs and supplementary features that are only available in that tariff model.


Three examples of our idea

How borderless shipping can save lifes.

Again and again product scandals shake the customers confidence in different regions of the world. This often raises the affecteds desire for an alternative source of supply. 2008 China was shocked by a report about banned chemicals in milk powder. Six babies died and at least 300.000 infants were hospitalized with kidney stones. Since then, many Chinese cover their needs for milk amongst other things with German milk powder. Exchange students and tourists provide their acquaintances and friends in their home country. But Chinese people who have no acquaintances or friends in Europe like to order in Germany. But the manufacturers are responding with a regulation of shipping.
With MyKrautbox we would like to build a service which allows foreigners to place orders as if they were in Germany. Because customers nowadays are globally looking for goods if domestic suppliers are not willing to respond to their needs.
Why complicate things when it's so easy?
In business, it often happens that you want to take more on the plane than you are allowed to. So you send the remaining goods via package to its destination.

Very easy?

The devil is in the detail: Do you want to send the goods sight unseen to the customer? Will the hotel accept the package corretly? When has the package to be submitted to be in time? Do I need to enter in negotiation with logistics groups for simple 

packages? A businessman said in an interview, he wants a company that stores his packages for a few days. He would then fly ahead and accept the goods at the hotel personally.

Very good, we thought, because with MyKrautbox we offer a forwarding service of parcels and letters which accepts packages in Germany and sends them to the whole world. When and where the shipment is to be sent to, our customers simply and transparently decide online. We handle the customs declaration and look for the best shipment tariff. On our site logged-in customers can then instruct consignments and get informed about costs and delivery time. With our tracking tool, packages can be tracked directly on our site.

Swiss buy iPhone 5 in Germany before release.

No delivery date? You do not feel like standing in line? With these questions, the Swiss were occupied, if they wanted to keep the iPhone 5 in their hands before the release date. Yet the answer was so easy - simply order the iPhone 5S and 5C online in Germany! You can find this interessting article here: iPhone 5S und 5C: Wie Schweizer es vorher kaufen.

It's easy to realize with a German delivery address – MyKrautbox can make it happen!